Inpatient wards

At Medical Care’'s recovery center you will receive the most advanced medical services in the field. The center was designed to combine advanced medicine with hotel accommodation. It is located in the city of Bat-Yam and is a 10-minute walk from the beach and the promenade.
In the nursing wards, nursing patients who need constant help in their daily activities and cannot function independently are hospitalized.
This wardis designed for patients suffering from chronic lung diseases, muscular dystrophy diseases and diseases which attack the nervous system. Patients are all monitored as needed using the most advanced equipment available and electronic control systems, 24 hours a day. In addition to the technologically advanced medical equipment, this ward is also equipped with light and sound systems, in order to provide respiratory patients with the best conditions for their healing, including their choice of relaxing music and soft lighting. These conditions have been clinically proven to calm and relax patients who are under stressful situations and procedures.
In the complex nursing ward, patients suffering from long-term illnesses who needing constant nursing and medical supervision are hospitalized. For example, wounds in advanced degrees, respiratory patients with a tracheostomy, who need oxygen during some hours of the day, including suctioning secretions from the respiratory tract. Also, nursing oncology patients, nursing patients undergoing dialysis, chronic bedridden patients who need palliative care and more.
The geriatric rehabilitation wards in Medical Care Hospital is designed to help patients regain pre-disease functionality and even improve it. The wards accepts patients who suffered medical incidents such as falling traumas, broken bone injuries, CVA (stroke) in varying degrees, prolonged hospitalization or bed-confinement following a severe illness or procedure, etc’. Our role in the rehabilitation wards is to identify incidents of rapid functional or cognitive decline, and to provide immediate treatments in order to stop the downward spiral of decline and turn it into an upward spiral of healing.
The rehabilitation ward is the heart and soul of Medical Care Rehabilitative Center. Within this ward, patients receive their integrative rehabilitative treatments aimed at healing them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our main goal is to help our patients regain lost functional capabilities and to enable them to achieve optimal quality of life, physically, cognitively and emotionally.

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