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Medical Care Vision

Medical Care was established in order to become the leading integrative rehabilitation center in Israel, that will bring forth a new and unique promise of wellness to people in Israel and around the world. It is based on a rehabilitative protocol which is more improved and more empowering than ever before. It includes advanced medical rehabilitation based on the latest conventional medicinal practices and scientific breakthroughs, and at the same time, offers integrative supporting mind-body-spirit rehabilitation treatments which focus on the emotional aspect of the disease or the injury, and the difficult process of recovery.


Medical Care Integrative Rehabilitation Center – From Vision to Reality

The rehabilitative medical center “Merav”, of the Synopsis Group, has been a renowned health resource in Bat Yam since the 70’s of the previous century. It was established by Dr. Moti Paz, a leading Obstetrics and Gynecology physician, and his wife, Lucy Paz, a certified nurse. As a young couple, they decided to develop a then innovative concept of private high end medicinal services for local senior population in Bat Yam, Holon and south Tel-Aviv-Jaffa.

Half a century later, today the local population has grown and developed, and especially the senior citizens sector. Today, more than ever, high end, quality solutions are needed in order to serve all of the society’s wellness needs, with an emphasis on elders and seniors. 

Two of the couple’s four children, Shauli Paz and Nili Zur, joined the hospital’s management team and like their parents, they too have continued to lead, develop and offer accessible, innovative and advanced medical services. They identified Integrative Medicine as an important and effective addition to rehabilitation processes in cases of deep injuries and serious illnesses. They understood that people are whole beings, and thus should be treated as such: body, mind and spirit. Therefore they decided to focus on Integrative Medicine, to develop and to offer IM high end services to patients with a diverse range of medical conditions.

The link between Medical Care and IMFA (Integrative Medicine For All) non-profit association was born out of a synergetic vision that both organizations have in common. Together, IMFA and Medical Care joined forces in order to promote Integrative Medicine in Israel, to make it an integral part of the medical narrative used in medical organizations in Israel, and to turn the rehabilitation center into a leading player in the wellness industry, that will not only serve local population but also pave new roads for a wide-ranging shift in medical protocols, in Israel and around the world.

Medical Care Rehabilitation Center is the first hospital in Israel that follows an integrated mind-body-spirit protocol. Our patients receive advanced medical treatments, alongside supportive, empowering and inspiring emotional treatments. These treatments are paramount in building and sustaining the motivation needed to undergo difficult and painful rehabilitation processes for restoring health and significance in life.

What is a “Total Rehabilitative Circle” and how is it different from regular rehabilitation?

Extensive research has proven that there is a direct correlation between a person’s mental and physical conditions. Prolonged stress, anxiety, trauma, worries, uncertainties, tensions and pressures – all have a profound impact on our physical health. Emotional burden, lack of sleep, sporadic eating, and other common characteristics which are prevalent in the modern way of life, may bring about physical uneasiness, agitation, various physical symptoms and even systemic failures in the body. The systemic body failure, in the medical world, is a condition that is defined as – a disease.

Integrative medicine delivers direct attention to these unprocessed emotional and mental ailments thereby making the complicated and excruciating physical treatments much more endurable and efficient. 

Medical Care Integrative Rehabilitation Center is the first hospital in Israel to put emphasis on a Total Rehabilitation Circle for all patients, including advanced medical treatments, physical rehabilitation and comprehensive medication as needed, and at the same time, also provision of deep and major attention to the core mental and emotional base of the illness, as it is manifested in the lives of the patients and their family members, using the innovative InHeal approach.

When it comes to seniors in our community, the transition from independence and functionality to dependence and disability is traumatic and very distressing. A person who suddenly needs rehabilitation often suffers from subsequent conditions such as anxiety and emotional strain. This is a shift that also deeply effects the caretakers. That is why it is not enough to pay attention solely to the physical aspect of the disease. Patients and their families need our assistance in gathering all of their energies and power into their recovery. They need to be able to retain will, motivation and spirit to get better,” says Mr. Shauli Yaniv Paz, CEO of Medical Care. “When there is a lack of emotional motivation to undergo rehabilitation, and a lack of connection to one’s purpose in life, it is almost impossible to engage a suffering person to commit to rehabilitation. This is why we put our emphasis on the emotional and the spiritual processes as well as the physical ones, so that the patients may succeed in connecting to their inner motivation to regain their previous active and positive lives.”

In Medical Care we follow a treatment protocol which is focused on our patients’ emotional needs just as strongly as it is focused on their physical needs. We provide them with emotional empowerment tools and techniques, using the InHeal Method. These help them achieve emotional regulation, stress balancing, and the ability to manage and stay on top of all their emotional and mental challenges, which when unattended and unprocessed may harm their physical and emotional health and functionality.

“we deeply believe that the processing of emotional and mental complications experienced by all parties: patients, family and professional staff, is crucial on all levels. All of these people experience deep emotional stress due to regular exposure to harsh and challenging human situations during the therapeutic process. Attending to their emotional, mental and spiritual experiences has been proven to dramatically increase chances of success and endurance, as well as the patients’ serenity and inner peace,” says Shauli Yaniv Paz, CEO of Medical Care.

Empowering workshops and emotional therapy sessions using the InHeal Method, have been successfully implemented and provided for several years now. Experience has proven than they enable deep emotional processing, emotional regulation and balancing, and motivational empowerment, all of which are vital in supporting difficult rehabilitation processes.

Medical Care Overview

שאולי עם טלפון מסתכל למצלמה

A Personal Note from the CEO

Mr. Shauli Yaniv Paz

In June of 2022, our vision has taken a huge leap forward upon the establishment of  Medical Care New Rehabilitative Center in the city of Bat Yam, Israel. It is the first rehabilitative hospital in Israel to implement Integrative Medicine as an integral part of the rehabilitation protocol, treating the body and the mind parallelly, and majorly.  

IMFA (Integrative Medicine For All) association was established in order to raise general awareness to the new medicinal approach – namely, Integrative Medicine – which is focused on seeing the person behind the disease, and on treating not only the physical aspects but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the rehabilitation and recovery processes.

When dealing with senior population, the rehabilitation process is often an extremely traumatic experience. the transition from being an independent functional individual to being a disabled person who is dependent on others for simple everyday needs, often involves deep feelings of anxiety and concern, for the patients as well as for their care givers. Therefore, we need to help them find their inner emotional strengths in order to empower their motivation to get better, and to reconnect to their lives. 

Without the emotional motivation to heal, without a deep connection to the meaning of life and to life’s purpose, it will be almost impossible to drag a person through a very challenging process of physical treatments. It will simply not be enough. 

In Medical Care, we are always one step ahead!

The emotional treatment provided to our patients, their care givers and our professional staff, enables us to achieve what we call – a Total Rehabilitation Circle, in which each and every person who is involved in the process learns how to serve as a supporting link in the big chain of healing. We deeply believe that this chain of support is the best way to regain health.

I wish to invite you, patients, families and excellent specialists in the various rehabilitative professions – medical as well as emotional – to join us and be a part of the Total Rehabilitation Circle, the innovative and groundbreaking rehabilitative process in Medical Care.

Sincerely yours,

Shauli Yaniv Paz, CEO 

For further information, please fill out the form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. Thank you

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