The ward of Geriatric Rehabilitation

מוחמד אמרה

Mohamad Ammara

Head Nurse

The geriatric rehabilitation wards in Medical Care Hospital is designed to help patients regain pre-disease functionality and even improve it. The wards accepts patients who suffered medical incidents such as falling traumas, broken bone injuries, CVA (stroke) in varying degrees, prolonged hospitalization or bed-confinement following a severe illness or procedure, etc’. Our role in the rehabilitation wards is to identify incidents of rapid functional or cognitive decline, and to provide immediate treatments in order to stop the downward spiral of decline and turn it into an upward spiral of healing.  

In this wards we provide personally tailored courses of rehabilitative therapy and treatments, according to a specific back-to-health plan which is updated and adjusted as we go along, in order to be always corelated with the patients’ progress and current status. Approaching discharge, we will assess and define the patients’ achievements, progress, level of functionality and subsequent goals, so that any further treatment roadmap could be formulated and suited for their next stage.

The medical goal is to improve functionality in senior patients who suffer from a functional decline due to a disease, a stroke, a medical procedure or other conditions that call for rehabilitation. With Medical Care’s unique back-to-health treatment plan, we help our patients maximize their health and functionality potential and help them return to their lives and routines.

The patients

A person who suffers from a drastic functional decline following any incident, whether medical, mental or physical, and looses independence, becomes disabled and dependent on others. The result is not only the need to deal with a devastating physical condition but also the need to endure a dramatic emotional challenge, which may lead to crises on the personal and familial levels. True at any age, it is especially true for people in the golden ages. This is why the geriatric rehabilitation process is of utmost importance in helping patients improve their physical and emotional conditions parallelly. The emotional rehabilitation enables them to engage themselves to the healing process with all the energy and power they’ve got. 


Experience has shown that older patients need more help and support, suffer a greater complexity of symptoms and problems, often have to deal with declined senses (mainly hearing and vision impairments) and are often treated with multiple medications. Many times they are nutritionally challenged, physically as well as functionally, and they find it very difficult to handle bureaucracy and internet. They are exhausted, powerless and helpless, which leaves them with little or no energy for rehabilitation. Sometimes, a cognitive decline plays a part in their inability to find motivation to get better. 

This complexity is our specialty. We study our patients carefully and formulate for them a personal course of treatment that suits their specific need. We put major emphases on therapeutic harmony between all disciplines so that everyone works together, to hold and not to harm, to support and not to devastate, to synchronize and not to confuse.

In Medical Care we invest a lot of attention into raising our patients’ motivation to get well, into helping them reconnect to their purpose in life, and into rekindling their joy of life. Our experience has proven that there is a direct correlation between our ability to rehabilitate patients on the emotional level, and the probability of success of their physical medical rehabilitation.

Accordingly, our cooperation with family members and care givers is vital to the precision of the personal rehabilitation plan, to our ability to identify each patients’ strengths and weaknesses, and to our success in creating a coordinated systematic communication with the patients through empowering messages, motivational support and a true sense of belonging. 

Our wards provides multi-disciplinary treatments including medical, nursing and rehabilitative services. In addition to that, we also provide emotional treatments which empower our patients with mental tools that are so vital to their ability to deal with their difficult path to wellness. Our patients receive nutritional guidance, psychological aid and regular follow-up by geriatric social workers.

Further treatments include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Acupuncture
  • Medical Massage
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Resilience workshops
  • Bibliotherapy – where a certified bibliotherapist helps them write their personal biography or their family’s story

There is also an option of integrating other types of rehabilitative alternative treatments (with extra cost).

Visiting hours between the hours: 10:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00.

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