The ward of Respiratory Rehabilitation and Long-Term Respiration

Dr. Kisil Igor

Ward Manager

מועתז אטרש

Muatez Atrash

Head Nurse

המחלקה לשיקום נשימתי והנשמה ממושכת

Dr. Aryeh Suraksky

Intensive Care Department Manager Wolfson hospital

Respiratory rehabilitation – a multi-disciplinary treatment including: exercise for strengthening respiratory muscles, respiratory physiotherapy, adapted physical activity, nutritional treatment, occupational therapy and emotional support.

Respiratory weaning – for patients who have been identified as ready for respiratory weaning, we build a personal plan that includes close supervision.

Tracheotomy weaning – patients undergo strict medical evaluation upon discharge from intensive care or weaning from tracheotomy. With the help of otolaryngologists, we work to help them regain full speech capacity and independent breathing capacity as much as possible.

In the department of respiratory rehabilitation, just like in all other departments, we put a great emphasis on treating family members and care givers, in addition to the patients themselves. Family members also experience excruciating stress as a result of their loved ones’ entering the world of respiratory needs.

In order to cope with the loss of independence that effects the family as a whole, and in order to maintain their ability to provide their full support to those who need it most, we provide them with emotional therapy that anchors their mental resilience and enables them to deal with their difficulties and challenges in an efficient way without getting caught in a deep abyss of despair.

We have created for them a unique program for empowerment and emotional maintenance. With this program they will be able to maintain their capacity to function while actively self-regulating their emotions, even during the toughest circumstances.

These programs include a variety of workshops and personal sessions. They provide participants with tools for emotional coping during continuous crises. These tools will enable them to reprocess their emotions, and clear the way for long term proactive assistance to their loved ones and families.

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