The nutritional and diet ward in Medical Care is responsible for the food and drink provided to the patients. The menu is rich and assorted, and complies with the standards set by the Israeli Ministry of Health. 

Meals in Medical Care are tailored to meet the needs of the patients. The food products are freshly brought in every day. The kitchen is run by the hospital chef, and supervised by the Nutritional and Diet Ward.

Healthy, fresh and delicious nutrition is an integral part of the rehabilitative course of therapy. Nurses and dieticians in this ward work with each patient to perform a nutritional screening, and facilitate recommendations to adjust a diet plan to and to implement special diet modifications or medications as needed, in accordance with each patient’s medical status. They maintain direct contact with the medical and nursing staffs during the patients’ stay, and perform current and regular observations to assess the patients’ medical condition, including clinical and physiological tests and measurements, weight fluctuations and so forth.

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